Q) I am interested in a domain name. What types of payment are accepted?

A) Our preferred method is to use Paypal, which accepts Visa. For those seeking extra security, domain ownership transfers can be managed by escrow.com though there is a small percentage escrow fee. Sometimes unusual business arrangements can be made, as many startups are low on capital but high on potential.

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Q) Do you think .com domains are better than .us?

A) Yes. Dot coms are special mainly because there is a widely held opinion that they are special. Of course the force of habit drives so much in the business world, and all of advertising is based on that principle. Many times I've tried to return to a website I liked only to find I mistakenly typed .com instead of .us or .biz or whatever. Many people just unconsciously expect a good site to be a dot com and go ahead and type dot com at the end and then find themselves somewhere else on some other interesting site. So when you have the option choose the dot com whenever possible.

Q) What about using extra domain names to bring more traffic to my existing site?

A) This is a good idea. Especially if the name means something relevant to your product or service. Sometimes if a name is made of important key words, it will even be typed without a search engine check first.

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